Toddlers: Miss Jenny and Miss Deanna

  Toddlers: Miss Jenny and Miss Deanna  

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 Miss Jenny                       Miss Deanna
  Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education                      CPR w/AED Trained
  CPR w/AED Trained                                                                First Aid Trained
  First Aid Trained                                                                   Shaken Baby & Abuse Training              
  Shaken Baby and Abuse Training                                            Registry Certified
  Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards                                                          
  SEFEL Training
  Infant/Toddler Pyramid Model Trained
  Registry Certified

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Outdoor Clothes Please make sure you are trading out clothes for your children so they have appropriate attire for the changing of the seasons. Check your child’s bin or ask a teacher to make sure they have proper clothing Also make sure to have at least one spare outfit at the center at all times.
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