Toddlers: Miss Lindsay & Miss Jenny

  Toddlers: Miss Lindsay & Miss Jenny  

Welcome to the Toddler Classroom!   

Your Teachers:

        Lindsay                                                                                         Jenny
           Bachelor’s Degree—Early Childhood Education                                                    Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education
           MN Teaching License (Birth – Grade 3)                                                                 CPR w/AED trained
           CPR w/AED trained                                                                                                  First Aid Trained
           First Aid Trained                                                                                                       Shaken Baby and Abuse Training
          Shaken Baby and Abuse Training                                                                           Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards
          Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards                                                           SEFEL Training
          Ages and Stages Training                                                                                         Registry Certified
          Inclusion Training
          Registry Certified

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  Special News: 
Summer Clothes Please make sure you are trading out clothes for your children, for appropriate attire for the changing of the seasons. Check your child’s bin or ask a teacher to make sure they have proper clothing.
No School Days The Center will be closed on July 4th, 2018
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