Pastor's Update

  Pastor's Update   

Welcome Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I look forward to seeing you this weekend to share in the message of our Lord Jesus Christ.

During our Sundays in Lent we will be studing "Thy Will Be Done". 

February 18: God's Will and Promises
February 25: God's Will and My Inadequacy
March 4:  God's Will and My Dreams
March 11: God's Will and my Identity
March 18: God's Will and My Worldview
March 25: Palm Sunday

Please join us on Wednesdays during Lent as we hear a nail pounded into the cross 
every week. 

February 14: Nail of Pride
February 21: Nail of Betrayal
February 28: Nail of Envy
March 7: Nail of Indecision
March 14: Nail of Cruelty
March 21: Nail of Hatred 

Come join us. 

Should you have any further questions or would like to speak with me, please call 715-453-4814. 


In Christ,

Rev. Mark A. Gass